Imagin Xthe next generation solution

ImaginX is...

OraSys ImaginX is a fully web based RIS/PACS solution, offering to customers improved scheduling and workflow management including online eligibility-confirmation tools to enable faster patient registration with certified information (SSN, name etc).


This seamlessly integrated, single database solution with diagnostic tools, reporting, storage, and direct HL7 messaging engine, provides a complete and simple to use turnkey solution with:

  • RIS/PACS single server/database solution
  • Integrated web-based viewers
  • Advanced security and image routing
  • Web and smartphone interfaces for functions such as patient search, access to and managing of images
  • Secure medical image distribution with integrated tools in a Web browser

Older RIS/PACS systems require special workstations and installation of special software in order to be able to operate.

ImaginX is one of the thinnest and lightest solutions available. It downloads in a few seconds, and is then available continuously.

ImaginX is not a collection of interoperable applications, but a highly integrated, knowledge based, configurable platform that provides even more functionality with reduced costs and user effort.

From simple to complex workflows in imaging centers, hospitals, and teleradiology service companies, ImaginX can improve the workflow in any environment.

The ImaginX platform integrates in an efficient and user friendly manner functionality for Workflow Management (RIS), Image Archiving (PACS) and Image Viewing:


Workflow Management (RIS)

  • Authorized access based on User Login (Secure Sign In)
  • Patient contact and identification information is imported into the RIS by retrieving data from national registries (SSN)
  • Real time insurance verification and validation is visible at registration by just inserting the SSN
  • View worklists for appointment confirmation, arrival status, escort to modality, exam status, order information, exam review, report review and billing status
  • Anywhere, anytime access for administrators, technologists, schedulers and medical transcriptionists
  • Secure Remote Interpretation and Diagnostic Review for radiologists, referring MDs, and peer review
  • Seamless reporting engine for e-mailing preliminary or signed reports in HTML, PDF or plain text
  • Embedded Rich Text Editor with:
    • Predefined Report Templates
    • Patient information and clinical context automatically inserted
    • Radiology Lexicon
    • Drag and Drop importing of images inside the report
    • Embedded Digital Voice Recording System
  • Burn patient studies to DVD, CD or USB key


Image Archiving (PACS)

ImaginX integrates an image archiving subsystem which is vendor neutral and interoperates with third party IT systems through HL7 and DICOM standards. It is DICOM and IHE compliant. Sophisticated HL7 engine and interface included.


Image Viewing (VIEWERS)

ImaginX integrates and collaborates with an assortment of DICOM Image Viewers in order to provide radiologists and clinicians, state of the art tools for viewing medical images anytime, from any place with Internet access and by any device (workstation, netbook, tablet, smartphone):


  • Zero Footprint Web Viewer:
    • With a native touch interface, allowing users to search for patients, read requests and reports and interact with images
    • Provides functions such as contrast, zoom, rotate and measurement.
  • Mobile Viewer
    • Provides access to imaging exams through smart mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)
    • Intended for emergency cases where a workstation equipped with a more powerful image viewer is out of reach
  • Diagnostic Viewers
    • ImaginX is integrated with Certified Viewers (CE Mark Class IIa & FDA Cleared) to support primary diagnosis